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Are you so busy being successful that your
personal life is at risk of falling apart?

During my 20+ years of coaching, I have seen too many heart-centered experts feeling stuck.

Hitting 6 and 7-figure goals but not always able to keep their marriage together or spend the time they want with their kids and pets.

Your bandwidth, and sometimes credit cards, are stretched to the max.

Your self-expression feels suffocated.

Your body may be sluggish & more squishy than you would like.

You have million dollar ideas but feel like you don’t have the time, support, or resources to make them happen.

Save the planet? Human rights? You care deeply but aren’t sure you can help until you figure your own stuff out.


Throughout my career, I have spent 30,000 hours studying our internal programming and high performance. 

My proprietary process of Energetic Intelligence™ simplifies protocols from specialties including sports medicine, psychology, emotional intelligence and quantum physics, so that I am able to help my clients increase their version of success without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Leaders in the coaching & sales industries…

CEO’s who close deals with companies like Vayner Media & Chanel…

And small business owners like photographers, lawyers, designers, financial advisors, fitness pros, copywriters + professionals from 32 other industries in 9 different countries have all hired me to help them get results like:

  • doubling their days off, while still increasing their income
  • finally launching that passion project they had been procrastinating on for years
  • attracting angel investors & cultivating opportunities to get on bigger platforms
  • fitting back in their skinny jeans and reigniting their relationships, without sacrificing their profit margins.

If you’re ready to align your decision making with your unique design, 


I invite you to reach out and get started with your Energetic Intelligence™ journey today!


“Bethany understands your business in a way I’ve never encountered with a coach! Let me tell you, she is SPOT ON in what she does and I cannot highly recommend her enough. She is amazing!”
Beth Perry Testimonial
Kiera Casanova
"This will change your life. It’s accessible. It’s powerful. There will be ZERO confusion about what you need to do and you will have ZERO excuses left as to why you aren’t doing or can’t do it.””
Julia Ford-Carther
"My life has been enriched, and the coaching tools I learned from her I will use for a lifetime! If you’re thinking about hiring Bethany, it’s a no brainer. What you will get in return will be 10-fold. She is well worth the investment!”
Lisa Schooley