What I love most about Bethany is her generosity. She is an amazing wealth of information… her knowledge, her approach, her energy is so great! My life has been enriched, and the coaching tools I learned from her I will use for a lifetime!

If you’re thinking about hiring Bethany, it’s a no brainer. What you will get in return will be 10-fold. She is well worth the investment!

Lisa Schooley, Business Consultant & Life Coach

Bethany has a natural, calming ability to really draw into the heart of the matter. The safe space she creates really enabled me to speak openly about the situation I was troubled by. I loved how powerfully & quickly she helped me to shift my perspective.

I’m very grateful to Bethany and absolutely recommend her.

Sanae Floyd, Business Breakthrough Coach

The experience with Bethany is insanely powerful! She walked me through my fears, feelings, my struggles and immediately I felt relief. She showed me how to get through to the other side so I could receive on a massive level... and I made $30k just 24 hours later!

Everything about her is very supportive, not judgemental, it’s a very safe space. She knows exactly how to help so you can move forward in your life and business. Plain and simple, the more access you have to her, the more breakthroughs you can have. Her work is priceless!

Erin Monoghan, Visual Branding Artist & Graphic Designer

I've been a relationship therapist for many years and I've never encountered such a powerful tool in my own training and experience as the one Bethany is using. Bethany's warmth and authenticity creates a space for significant positive change and clear insight to happen!

My session with Bethany turned me around and helped me to see, think, feel and act in a completely different and more clear way about what I'd been struggling with. The process she uses provides not only a total re-frame but specific steps I was able to take right away to shift and improve my mindset.

Lynn Louise, Relationship Therapist

Bethany will rock your world! She is an incredibly powerful coach with a deep tool kit, passion, and precision to hear what is most needed. She will lead you confidently through your blocks and towards your goals with clear, actionable steps. I was totally blown away by her ability to show me how what I wanted was not only simple, but easy and much closer than I could have imagined before our call. Get on the phone with Bethany as soon as you can.

Brenna, Seattle, WA

Bethany is a dedicated professional with drive, passion, and seemingly infinite compassion. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to find their best selves. Her standards are high and she works hard to create unique programs that will work for her clients’ individual goals and needs.

Frankly, Bethany is a step above most of the coaches you’ll encounter. Rest assured, she works as hard as her clients to ensure everyone gets what they need and want. Expect support, encouragement, and results when you work with Bethany!

Deb Goeschel, Owner & Creative Director of Message Artist