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ANNOUNCING… DESIGNED To Thrive – Human Design for Entrepreneurs

5 years ago, I was in the middle of a program launch that I’d been hustling my butt off 80-hrs/week for when my life fell apart.

Circumstances in my marriage escalated to the brink of separation.

And then, days later, another miscarriage.

Feeling like a failure in so many levels, the depths of my broken heartedness made it clear how I’d been doing things wasn’t working AT ALL.

No amount of money was worth the pain I was in, and money alone wasn’t going to fix it, so I temporarily shut my business down.

Not long after, during a particularly heated debate with my husband, we were interrupted by a phone call from our landlord.

They were selling the house and we had three months to move out.

What the actual f^ck.

I had done everything “right!” 

For years, I had worked so hard to make money, get the guy, take super care of my clients and family.

How was it fair that I was seemingly gonna end up broke, alone, and homeless?!

The tears didn’t slow as I remembered how many people thought I was crazy when I sold my $6-figure+ practice to move my coaching on line. Maybe they were right.

I tried to stay positive… tried arguing with myself that I was smart and determined enough, I could do anything, but it was undeniable that working harder was backfiring, big time. 

I sobbed for days as the realizations poured through me.

The strategies that seemed to work for everybody else, including most of my clients, were NOT working for me. 

My biz, my health, and my relationships had been working for years, but all of a sudden they became an overwhelming source of pain.

So what changed so I could turn it all around?

I gave myself permission to do exactly what I’ve been coaching others to do for 22 years… figure out what I really want, and how to get it in a way that works for ME. 

Not who I’d been, but who I desired to be.

Now, less than 5 years later my husband and I are not only still married, but we are more in love than ever.

I currently run my business working less than 25 hrs/week and it’s doing so well that hubs quit his job last year to be a stay at home dad. (That’s right, my health also turned around and we now have an 18-month old Mini!)

Right now, I’m sitting in the shade of a magnolia tree, listening to the brooke and birds in our backyard as I write this, and can see both of our cars (which are paid off 💯) parked in the driveway of a home we own.

What changed was ME. Not by being less of me or a different version of me like you might think… but by being MORE of me.

I aligned to my energetic blueprint. Not just understanding it logically, but actually embodying it. And I continue to do so more everyday.

I prioritized my emotional intelligence over intellect and multiple degrees (not easy for my ego!).

And I’ve since helped hundreds of clients do the same for themselves BEFORE they get a wake up call by hitting rock bottom like I did!

My clients are smart, compassionate, heart centered, and dreamers. 

They are good people who desire big impact, time freedom, and lots of moolah to make all of it more fun. And it is my pleasure to help them get all that and more!

I no longer try to be all things to all people, and this introductory course to my work “DESIGNED To Thrive!” will absolutely compliment any other course or mentor you are working with.

Because it’s not about me, it’s about who I help YOU become by supporting two very specific things:

1. Foundations of Energetic Alignment to your Human Design (in life AND business)

2. Emotionally Intelligent communication (my signature process)

I have spent thousands of hours and 10’s of thousands of dollars dialing in what is most important to help each person get maximum momentum towards their dreams almost immediately.

With over 30,000 hours of coaching, I know this is the best of the best of where to start. It’s the course I wish someone had offered when I needed it a decade ago, and it will change your life.

The layout is designed to intentionally allow you to customize your experience and understand all the most important parts about communication aligned with your human design!

***10 modules in a private membership site, covering:

—-an overview of what Human Design is

—-strategy and marketing for each human design type (5)

—-basics of how to make decisions aligned to your power

—-an introduction to how your profile #’s influence your personal power and magnetism

—-my signature KAIZEN Communication process to help you navigate implementing and integrating your human design

—-A live Q&A about your chart and your business goals to receive personal feedback

***A private FB group for support

Email for the purchase link…. I hope to see you in there!

Xx // B

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