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Someday soon this will be a fancy sales page, but for now, you’re here because you’ve received a private invitation from someone who sees your potential – and are confident this program may be just the thing to help you activate your next level of greatness!

"Bethany understands your business in a way I've never encountered with a coach! Let me tell you, she is SPOT ON in what she does and I cannot highly recommend her enough. She is amazing!"
Coach Bethany Perry
Kiera Cassanova
Executive Consultant & Leadership Coach

For the past 2 years since a near death experience, I have been working #bts to put together the best of the best from my 22 years of coaching.

And I am soooooo excited it’s almost ready to go live!! I will proudly be announcing it to the world in the next few weeks, but you my friend get to see what’s been brewing before anyone else… plus first dibs to secure your spot as a Founding Member in this program at a deep discount.  #ka-ching!

Why am I offering this? 

Because one of the most valuable (sometimes painful) lessons I have learned from decades of personal development and almost 15 years as an entrepreneur is that Together Is Better!

The vision for this 12-week program is to empower participants to develop their Energetic Intelligence™ so that success on their terms becomes a simplified and repeatable process in all areas of their life rather than a cross your fingers, close your eyes and jump kind of thing.

I want you to be part of this… especially if you’re willing to help me shape this idea and finesse the final steps in putting it all together.

Meaning, if you join me as a founding member and you’re willing to help contribute ideas on how we can make this THE best online program to achieve the mission of more good hearted people making tons more money in an exciting and ethical way, I’m willing to extend a very favorable “founding member” price and some pretty sweet bonuses.

You are more powerful than you know…

And I want to prove it to you!

I anticipate the starting price for this to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,222 (which will be a no brainer given that we’ll be helping people customize and cultivate their success blueprint in a comprehensive way that will serve them in business and life FOREVER!)

Here’s the best part though…

Join me today as a founding member and your price will be only $1555

PLUS you get a

  • (1) VIP Human Design private session ($997 Value),
  • (3) Group Q&A Calls before the course even starts ($333 Value)

That’s at least a $3552 value, and will probably be double that by the time we add in all the bonuses!

But even when we do roll this out to the general public at the higher price, you’ll have alread locked in your founding member price.

As I said, all the final details are in the end of the creation process.

Honestly, I expect some of the best finishing ideas will come from you and others who join me as a founding member!

The goal is to officially launch this on Jan 5, 2021, and start on Jan 18. So between now and then, things will be happening based on the ideas flowing back and forth between myself and founding members, probably about one email per week asking for your feedback on upgrades and final details.

With all that said, what I am clear about is how this program and community will serve all of us as we make progress towards activating, cultivating and elevating our energetic intelligence… to be forces of good in the world as we become more successful!

That’s what excites me and has me waking up early with my mind racing a million miles a minute. Years from now we’ll look back on this and say “do you remember when…”. And guess what, that all can begin here today. I hope you’ll join me and become a founding member.

It’s time for you to BE more, not just DO more. #energeticintelligence


  • 6 Core Modules – Lessons will be dripped out over the 12-weeks with occasional implementation focused weeks. They will be a combination of ‘cliff notes’ version (15-30 min videos covering the essentials to get you results) as well as occasional ‘deep dive’ trainings (longer or more comprehensive to expand on topics, demo case studys, etc)
  • Multiple Versions of the Material – PDF’s, Transcripts, & Audio Versions to support your preferred learning style
  • A private membership portal to easily navigate your progress and revisit the program anytime you like. You will have lifetime access to the trainings, as well as any future upgrades we make to the training portal! <<
  • LIVE Q&A calls with Bethany  – currently anticiapating to offer them 2-4 days per week to answer any questions students have… this will also be something founding members help us decide!
  • A VIP Upgrade Option for a small number of people to get hot-seat coaching on a weekly group zoom call, as well as 1 or 2 private sessions during the program. <<<If you already know you will want this version, message me to reserve your spot, of course with a significant discount for the early commitment!>>>


  • Visionary Vibes – So much more than the boring goal setting exercises you’ve forced yourself through in the past. Think leadership, money mindset, time & energy management for maximum ROI, clarity on not just your business… but LIFESTYLE, RELATIONSHIPS, & EXPERIENCES. I’ve never encouraged anyone to dream smaller, and this is where we kickoff by getting into the energy of YOUR big dreams + customized strategies that will magnetize them towards you.
  • Designed To Thrive – exploring your human design… in life, business, relationships, communication. And then customizing how you market, schedule, serve, and promote.
  • Magic In Motion – Being visible, getting paid, making an impact. Social media audits, dialing in your messaging, packages, pricing, promotion rythym and style, branding. This is where we simplify what will work for YOU, and then turn up the volume on your results.
  • Boundary Bliss – In order for growth to be sustainable, clear boundaries based on your values are essential. Communication & soft skills are 80% of success, and let’s face it, you want to be the best at what you do… and it this module we make sure you are confident in who you are, what you stand for, why you do what you do, and make sure fear doesn’t hold you back or slow you down!
  • Synergy – At this point, we move deeper into connection dynamics… clients, friends, lovers. They impact us, and navigating intimacy should be fulfilling on all levels. In this module we explore how energtics effect relationships as well as specific strategies to set you up for creating win-win situations for your next level life & business.
  • Entourage – By this part of the program, you will have made quantum leaps in your daily life, relationships, and business growth. Kaizen leadership will be a cherry on the top to keep expansion feeling effortless rather than exhausting. Specifics on integrating team development, delegation styles, community support, and over all boss-babe vibes will accelerate your progress and have you excited to repeat this program over and over as you continue to uplevel to your next best level again and again.
Other people think you’ve got it going on, but …
Are you really getting what YOU want?

Maybe your business “success” is not all you thought it’d be.

Let’s change that!

"Bethany is firm, but compassionate. Because of who she is, her expertise AND her energy, I was able to look at the wall I was hitting in my business and share things I had never been able to express before. She identified right away what I was struggling with and coached me, empowered me to know I am capable of so much more."
Coach Bethany Perry
Rana Olk

You were born for entrepreneurship. You want to stay inspired and move fast.

This is just the program you didn’t even know you’ve been waiting for!

I can’t wait to welcome you to your next level at this very special Founding Members rate.

Click Here to join now!

xx // Bethany

You’re not sure how to keep this pace up.
It gets overwhelming trying to get with things like:

1. Social conditioning. It’s everywhere. And it’s fucking with your head.

the Glamorized idea of working relentlessly,
the Notion that your creative process is dependent on suffering and misery,
a Culture who seems to place such great value on holding things in and together and toughing it out.

2. And then there’s those good old self-imposed limitations such as:

Constant fear that it may all go downhill,
Pressure to not “slack off” because you have mouths to feed,
Everyday it feels like you recognize a new internal gremlin trying to take you down.

3. Past experiences that keep you wrestling with your emotions instead of taking action like:

The last time you hired someone it took years to repair what they did to your company (not to mention your ability to trust),
You tried talking about this to your therapist but she didn’t get it,
Someone in your life told or modeled to you that poverty is somehow more noble, or that being abundant means sacrificing too much in the rest of your life.

It’s time to stop making problems where there aren’t any, and HEAL the ones that are actually holding you back.

The problem is NOT that you’re an introvert, or that you’re a shitty business owner.

There’s no silver bullet or rule book, but blind perseverance isn’t the solution isn’t the answer either.

It’s not humanly possible to get this much done in the time you have, until now. Because you choose to get help prioritizing what will make the biggest difference, fast!

You’ve read self help books and done personal development before, but you know there are still some gaps.

There’s absolutely no way you absorbed everything the last time you skimmed google and youtube for a way to fix the latest fire in your life before it all burned down.

And you’re fed up with being embarrassed for anyone to see the inner-workings of your business.

You know it’s time to ask for help.

You’re brave enough, and committed to take the time do what needs to be done and allow patterns that will transform you at your core.

You’re ready for clear and concrete tactics based on your unique energetic blueprint to “hack” your habits.

It’s great to have someone show you exactly what worked for them
But it’s BETTER to have someone show you exactly what will work for YOU!
Psssst … Want to know the secret of how to get to where you really wanna be?
"The experience with Bethany is insanely powerful! She walked me through my fears, feelings, my struggles and immediately I felt relief. She showed me how to get through to the other side so I could receive on a massive level. I made $30k just 24 hours later!"
Coach Bethany Perry
Erin Monaghan
Visual Branding Artist & Graphic Designer

I created this program to give women just like you a space, support and guidance to create a customized map for shoving your excuses out of the way, building your dream, and owning it like a boss!


In fact, it’s my magic to see your best self more clearly then you can see it on your own. And with more than 20 years of coaching experience, you can believe I’ve seen it all. The good, the ugly, the scary, the downright embarrassing.

Together, we’ll figure out what’s holding you back.. and burn THAT ship (without sacrificing the whole fleet).


For ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to perform at their peak potential, and audacious enough to admit they want it all.

You have the skills, you are damn good at what you do. And everytime you pause to think about how to get where you really want to be, you think “Holy shit, I have so much to do I don’t even know where to start!”

Don’t worry I’ve got you, boo!


A four (4) month intimate group coaching program where you get 1:1 attention.

It’s exactly what you didn’t know you need in order to prioritize and navigate the most important next steps to get your life and business where you really want them to be.


A LIVE 2-day retreat at a luxurious location on the New England Shoreline—because disrupting your day to day routine, getting out of your comfort zone, & be surrounded by other audacious women who are up to big things in the world is a catalyst for you to step fully into your greatness. ($2000 value)


Pay in full and get private VOXER access to Bethany from the day you sign up throughout the entire program!

"What I love most about Bethany is her generosity. She is an amazing wealth of information... her knowledge, her approach, her energy is so great! My life has been enriched, and the coaching tools I learned from her I will use for a lifetime!

If you're thinking about hiring Bethany, it's a no brainer. What you will get in return will be 10-fold. She is well worth the investment!

Coach Bethany Perry
Lisa Schooley
Business Consultant & Life Coach

So how do I know exactly what you’re going through? Because I’ve been there.

I remember the first six-figure year I had in business, and while I had dreamed it would feel similar to floating in a parade as a guest of honor, it actually was the worst I ever felt.

And yet, to most people, it looked damn good!

I also know it was all happening FOR me, not TO me.

In between the toxic relationships and overachieving burnout I was mired in, I had glimpses of what I wanted more of. It wasn’t all bad. That same year I also had.

Back then I often asked myself “How have I
even made it this far?”

What I know now is that as I transformed my dysfunctions into days off and dollars in the bank, it wasn’t random.

It wasn’t luck.

I was actually living the process of what will be teaching in the most comprehensive (yet simplified) way for the very first time ever in this course.

I documented everything (what worked and what didn’t!) and ultimately created Energetic Intelligence. It’s what I teach & customize with my clients today to help them get the success they desire, without the pitfalls and crisis that kill so many entrepreneurs businesses.

And now you get access to this tried and tested process at a fraction of the cost of working with me privately!

Bethany Perry Life Coach
Energy First, Then Strategy

The best plan for someone else is rarely also the best plan for you. It’s why everything about this mentorship is personalized. While there may be uncomfortable moments going through the inner work that is required for you to shift your outer results, ultimately the strategies we implement into your business and life should all feel amazing.

Once we kick off your program, you will have access to 6 VIP assessments allowing you to understand yourself on a deeper level in a more comprehensive way than any other program I have seen offered. Together, we will use these tools to map out and customize your fastest path to success—how you define it!

Desires First, Then Dollars

70% of lottery winners go bankrupt. Think about that. This happens because money showed up before the individual had cultivated the skills to operate as a wealthier person.

I promise to help you identify and prioritize the inner work to focus on, so as you achieve success during this program, it will be a next level that you can sustain. You’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery and you’ll know how to keep winning.

Twice weekly check-in calls done in a private community of like-minded women, plus daily support and additional bite-sized training to help you develop your mindset. This intense level of accountability is consciously offered to make sure you implement strategies that are aligned to your best self. Participating in this safe space will allow you to show up uncensored and apply the information that matters to your goals in order to create massive transformation.

Heal First, Then Hustle

Change, even the good kind, can be scary. There’s a reason you haven’t achieved your dreams yet, and I know it’s not because you haven’t been trying hard. In fact, most of my clients find they hustle less once they can focus only on what will actually work for them.

As you elevate to your best self, you will own your zone of genius and put any hustling energies there … and only there! This process will also allow you to heal the root cause of your sabotage patterns that may have caused you to repel success in the past.

Strategy suggestions will be offered that align with your energetic blueprint and honor your human needs. Using your wealth dynamics, we will create any missing structure from your current situation to allow abundance to flow freely to you.

These skills can be learned at and apply to ANY career stage, and can be the catalyst for finally stepping into what you were meant to do, HOW you were meant to do it.

Implementing this process into how I showed up everyday allowed me to:

I want all of this and more for you as well!

I promise to offer you a fresh perspective on your goals and dreams, plus all the pieces you weren’t given in traditional school curriculums or outdated business practices that just don’t work anymore.

I mean, if you believed in the tooth fairy for 5 years, you can believe in yourself for at least the next 5 months, right?

"I don't know how much longer it would've taken me to figure it out on my own ... if I ever would have figured it out on my own!

Be ready to transform yourself, be ready for success because she's going to give it to you open handedly. It's just up to you to take it or not.

If you work with her, your business will change, your life will change. Let her in, take the chance, you'll feel like you've won the lotto!"

Coach Bethany Perry
Danielle Aime
Spiritual Healer & Intuitive Life Coach
"It's so fun to know I can have rapid success while working with Bethany. How she presents the info is so simple, and I was able to identify what I want, clear out anything old not helping me get what I want, and manifest results!"
Coach Bethany Perry
Kelly Lunt
Law of Attraction Coach
"Bethany will rock your world! She is an incredibly powerful coach with a deep tool kit, passion, and precision to hear what is most needed. She will lead you confidently through your blocks and towards your goals with clear, actionable steps. I was totally blow away by her ability to show me how what I wanted was not only simple, but easy and much closer that I could have imagined."
Coach Beth Perry Washington
Brenna Hindman
This is for you if you are:

2 Payment Options Available (with Bonuses)

Pay In Full
$11,000 $5,500
$4,000 in bonuses, plus save $700 compared to the payment plan!

PIF BONUS 1: VIP seat at a live retreat in Mystic, CT in September 2019 ($2,000 value)

PIF BONUS 2: Voxer/email access to Bethany for additional support during the program ($2,000 value)

Payment Plan
7 x $897
That’s right, an extended payment option if your cash flow is tight to make it that much easier to get what you need … PLUS $2,000 in bonuses!

BONUS 1: VIP seat at a live retreat in Mystic, CT in September 2019 ($2,000 value)


A four (4) month intimate group coaching program, with one-on-one coaching designed to help you prioritize and navigate the most important next.


A LIVE 2-day retreat at a luxurious location on the New England Shoreline—because disrupting your day to day routine, getting out of your comfort zone, & be surrounded by other audacious women who are up to big things in the world is a catalyst for you to step fully into your greatness. ($2000 value)


Pay in full and get private VOXER access to Bethany from the day you sign up throughout the entire program!

Frequently Asked Questions
In case you’re still not sure if this is right for you.

Q: What if I’m brand new to business?

A: First…congratulations! And to answer if this course can help you … ABSOLUTELY! In fact, I’ve had clients who have been in business for years say they wish they would’ve had this kind of no B.S. guidance and support when they were building their foundation. These principles & trainings will serve you to the $250k mark and beyond!

Also be aware though, this Mentorship moves at a fast pace and if you are a complete newbie, I suggest you plan to have at least 1-2 hours per day available to effectively implement and absorb the coaching.

If you don’t currently have that time to build your future, an Activation Session may be a better place to start our work together. (email team@bethperry.com for deets)

If you do have the time to invest, I’m up to the challenge of helping you make your “3 year goals” happen by Christmas!

Q: I’m already an established business owner, and I’m busy. I don’t have time to listen to long trainings or sit on group coaching calls where I only get a few minutes of attention. Will this program work for me?


Q: Type your new question here?


"This will change your life. It's accessible. It's powerful. The women Bethany will put you around are exactly the tribe you've been searching for."

Coach Bethany Perry
Julia Ford-Carther
"Just so much gratitude. Thank you! I feel like I will move forward kicking ass because you has kicked mine."
Coach Bethany Perry
Carrie Roseman
"Frankly, Bethany is a step above most of the coaches you'll encounter. Rest assured, she works as hard as her clients to ensure everyone gets what they need and want. Expect support, encouragement, and results when you work with Bethany!"
Coach Bethany Perry
Deb Goeschel
Message Artist
"To say that working with Bethany is a powerful experience is an understatement. I fund myself hitting a wall in an area of my life and business. It seemed like there was a massive concrete road block standing in my way. With a series of powerful questions and finesses, we were able to uncover the exact limiting belief that was keeping me from truly stepping into my next level of success. What's even more interesting is that once we "named it and claimed it," there was a fireworks display of A-Ha! moments that began going off for me. From that moment on, this new awareness has empowered me to move forward in a whole new way and keep that old belief from getting in the way of me having the life abd business of my dreams. Bethany's work is transformational."
Coach Bethany Perry
Rosanne Austin
Coach & Author
"I went from insecure, frazzled, and conflicted in some areas of my life to confident, with clarity and insight for my path and journey. I have transformed my business, life, relationships, and how I see myself."
Coach Bethany Perry
Shell Vera
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