"I've been a therapist for many years and I've never encountered such a powerful tool in my own training and experience as the one Bethany is using. Her warmth and authenticity creates a space for significant positive change and clear insight to happen!"
Coach Bethany Perry
Lynn Louise
"A total reframe."

Most people I’ve worked with attach success to a feeling of freedom. This might be a specific amount of money, time, or location independence, like breaking 6-figures or only working 20 hours per week from anywhere in the world.

But what most people mean when we dig deeper into those topics is that they want to feel FREE to be themselves, no matter where they are or who they’re with.

And they know it’s about more than having an IG feed that portrays a perfect life, or taking glamour shots while holding their cell phone in front of the Eiffel tower.

Now, I’m not knocking Paris or Insta or money goals. In fact I’ve been to the eiffel tower (it was fabulous!) and I do have a picture of that… a good ol’  iPhone selfie. I also love Instagram feeds that inspire me to go for more and I’m totally down with making 6-figures working 20 hours a week.

In fact, rewind 6 years ago it was my EXACT goal when I sold my in person practice in order to move my coaching virtual and be able to start a family.

But nothing went as planned, even with my dozens of certifications and decades of experience.

All the strategies and systems I had been learning over the years were based on what worked for other people, and when I hit play on them in my own life without having been taught how to adjust for my own unique needs and strengths, they backfired big time.

My confidence fizzled almost as fast as my finances did that first year. Even the occasional 5-figure launches weren’t enough to cover my lifestyle goals, and they definitely weren’t dependable.

Ongoing struggles and losses with fertility made it impossible to work more than 20 hours a week, and yet there was no expected sense of freedom in the my “off time” hours of the week.

My marriage suddenly felt rocky, and my bank account balance became a source of stress. I didn’t just feel broke, I felt broken.

I secretly thought about going back to what had been working before, but I knew freedom didn’t exist there for me either. At best would be a sense of settling that might make me feel safe for a bit but would eventually fail my soul the same way my body seemed to be shutting down on me.

In my depths of questioning everything…

from my self worth to my strategy…

from my packages & prices to my personal priorities…

I leaned in and dove deeper into re-discovering myself.

I found my answers buried in the belly of my journals and the margins of my lesson notes from world renowned mentors and over 20 years of past studies. It was there that I uncovered new insights and pivotal turning points that led to a clear way out of struggling.

These discoveries, or re-discoveries if you will, cleared up the confusion around why I was struggling despite “knowing” so much. They served as fuel for my confidence and acted like glue for the gaps between where I was and actually hitting my goals.

The concepts I was able to piece together in a new way, in between tears, allowed me to find next steps forward that felt better than any previous biz plan or bank deposit had ever made me feel.

I studied these lessons, and visited these key exercises frequently to play with them. To master them. And eventually to customize and improve them.

They became the foundation of how I rebuilt my marriage, my confidence, and my business, the same business I run today where I actually do make 6-figures working 20 hours or less per week…but that’s no longer my definition of freedom.

Today, my version of
freedom includes living an alarm
clock free lifestyle,
unless you count be woken up by
Mini Perry,
our gorgeous
and perfectly healthy baby boy.

It’s having the time and choice to open my journal before I open social media apps or email, and to take care of my body before I work on my business.

Freedom to me means my only commute is down the hall to my home office, in slippers or heels depending on my mood, and being deeply connected in my marriage even when we disagree on things.

The best news?

You don’t have to wait for a crisis or rock bottom like I did. You don’t have to invest in or dig through 20 years worth of trainings to access the same breakthroughs I had.

I’ve condensed them for you in easy to understand (and more importantly, easy to to implement!) workshop.

My EQ Collective Workshop covers 6 of the Self-Mastery Solutions I have found to be foundational to both my own success, as well as for my clients. They will simultaneously help you bust through excuses and subconscious blocks that have likely held you back until now, and will also be foundational to creating success in your life and career that will finally be sustainable.



Two words that will stop misunderstandings from sabotaging your relationships and team productivity. This concept alone will save you hours of stress and heartache that comes from you or those close to you being misunderstood. It will also add to your profits by getting projects done right the first time, every time (or at least mostly right a majority of the time).

BOUNDARY BLISS (Solution #2):

A 30 second 3-step formula so you can say YES with confidence and let your NO’s be non-negotiable, without coming across like a harda$.


Doing this one thing everyday will strengthen your intuition so you can have more “I’m so glad I did” moments and give up your seat on the struggle bus that drops you off at the intersection of “I wish I had” and “Why didn’t I.”


The simple soulful weekly check in that will keep you in High-Income-Integrity and out of To-Do-List overwhelm.


The fastest way to undo mistakes and make them right, so you can ditch vulnerability hang-overs for good without apologizing for who you really are. This skill helps you stay in a constant state of Kaizen (constantly improving) that your conscience, your loved ones and your colleagues will be sure to appreciate!


Get permanently UN-STUCK from doing things you don’t like or aren’t good at while keeping your good name and best intentions intact. This is also how you can increase your intimacy and income by doing less, not more.


Immediately following the training, Bethany will coach you through any questions you have about and make sure you are clear on your personal next steps using these solutions.


You will receive a link to re-watch the training and Q&A session in its entirety. Expect this to be a valuable resource you reference at your convenience for continued personal growth and professional improvement!

Each of these solutions are based on neuroscience, physiology, communication strategy, universal laws and proven energetic principles.

Yes, it was complicated to figure out how and why they are all connected. But no, I won’t bore you with all the quantum physic details.

What I promise is to give you exactly what you need in easy to understand ways so you can start taking action that gets results. And you can do this much MUCH faster than I was able to!

I spent the better part of a year crying in my cornflakes, and almost another year cocooning (code for hiding) from living my purpose while I sorted all this out.

How much more could I have accomplished if I hadn’t wasted those 2 years? Well, the only way I’m convinced they aren’t wasted is if I can save YOU that time, energy and heartache.

So what will you do with this fast-track option to your happy?

To your success?

How many hours of frustration and guessing will you save?

How many more dollars and how much more love will you make once you have these same secrets that were hidden in my study books just waiting to be deciphered?

Don’t just take my word for it!
To date, these same concepts have helped my VIP clients in 30+ industries and 9 different countries (and counting!) to make a difference in their lives, relationships, and their income the same way I have.

“Working with Bethany is insanely valuable. Her perspective and feedback help you identify what’s really going on and what you can do differently.

You can expect lightning bolt clarity about what’s actually holding you back in mindset, relationships, health, AND business. She’s a high-end solution to multiple areas of your life at the same time.

She has this massive arsenal of tools, all designed to assist you in your journey in a way that makes you feel empowered and capable. Your life will be changed for the better, and you'll be able to make more confident decisions moving forward that continue to bring you success.”

Coach Bethany Perry
Erin Monaghan
"You will feel empowered and capable."

Over the past 3 years of teaching and refining these solutions, I’m proud to share the results are reliable 100% of the time for 100% of the people who take action.

In the past, I’ve reserved this content just for my VIP Clients who spend $5000 or more, but as my freedom and abundance increases, I feel compelled to pay it forward and make these solutions available to others like me who have the desire and grit to live a more fulfilling life.

In fact, it’s people like you who have the courage to take responsibility for being your best self that I believe have the power to make the world a better place… one person, one ripple effect at a time.

It’s why for the first time ever, I’m teaching these powerful secrets to sustainable success all in one place, all at the same time. Not only will this make it faster for you to have breakthroughs, it will also create clarity around how to customize your most important next steps.

So will you join me?

For less than a fancy dinner out that lasts just one night, I invite you to get your ticket to this workshop for insights that will last for a lifetime and bring you increased confidence, success, and of course… FREEDOM however you define it.

“What I love most about Bethany is her generosity. She is an amazing wealth of information… her knowledge, her approach, her energy is so great! My life has been enriched, and the coaching tools I learned from her I will use for a lifetime!

If you’re thinking about hiring Bethany, it’s a no brainer. What you will get in return will be 10-fold. She is well worth the investment!”

Coach Bethany Perry
Lisa S.
"My life has been enriched."
“Working with Bethany was really, really powerful. Since working with her has been a whole other level. I had no clue just how awesome it could get. Thank you so much Bethany!”
Coach Bethany Perry
Laura L.
"I had no clue how awesome it could get."

“I was frustrated by some old people pleasing habits. Bethany opened my eyes to a new perspective and put me in a more understanding and compassionate frame of mind.

I felt more able to communicate what I wanted whilst honouring them and their needs as well as my own. I would recommend Bethany to anyone who is struggling to see how they can impact their loved ones for the greater good. The outcome is so positive and loving.”

Coach Bethany Perry
Sanae F.
"Being more open and honest has been a game changer."

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