Money Narcissism

A short story based on my 20’s with $$$…



Money: Hi! I’m here to pay your bills this month!

Me: Omg finally! You were stressing me out. Ya know, it will be so much better when you’re bigger.


Money: Hi! I just flew in from 5 clients’ bank accounts. Nice to meet you!

Me: Ummmm. It’s nice you came through, but I really wish you were more.


Money: Hi again! I’m popping in to your bank account for a quick second before I zip over to make some room on your credit card!

Me: Fine. Not very fun… but fine.


Money: Ummmm, hello? I know I’m later than you wanted  but I was a little scared to come visit.

Me: Get out!! You should’ve been at the credit card payment by now!!

Money: Ok ok ok… I thought you didn’t like it when I did that but fine, I’ll leave!


Me: I wonder where money is… I keep asking her to come over, I even made a room where she could move in! 

And yet I haven’t seen her in ages….

I wonder what her problem is. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


Today I made a big money decision, it’s scary, but also feels oh so right for creating the next level relationship with abundance that I choose moving forward.

Like I’m ready to move from engaged to married status with dollars lol.

While I have come light years from how I was in my 20’s (^^^), I can feel a quantum shift coming. 

As I celebrate the lessons I have learned, I am also soooooo ready for wild love affair vibes with money!!! 

Ya dig?? ❤️

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