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Beth Perry Operation Breakthrough Workshop
    "A Total Reframe!"

    "A Total Reframe!"

    "I’ve been a therapist for many years and I’ve never encountered such a powerful tool in my own training and experience as the one Bethany is using." ~Lynn Louise

    That little voice in your head saying
    “You know there’s more, right?”

    That’s your cue that you’re ready to have a breakthrough.

    You know there’s greatness deep within you. It’s something you’ve seen glimpses of here and there.

    You might even tap into it sometimes, but somehow the excitement fades back into the shadows during day-to-day life. But now, you’re ready to lean into your power and turn it up.

    You deserve to live in that feeling of purpose EVERYDAY.

    So why is it that despite all the courses, books, podcasts and therapy sessions you have under your belt, you feel like there’s a part of your soul still sitting in the back seat? 

    It’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just that each of those resources taught you “success” from a singular perspective. Each one had it’s own direction, method, or opinion on what works for some people.

    And they’ve all helped unlock you… to a point.  But you’re ready for more.

    The reality is, you can’t have a breakthrough at the level you’re already at under a limited lens. You need something that will amplify you and YOUR unique voice – you know the one; you recognize it’s whisper in the rare quiet moments of your day. Maybe it even gets louder on the nights you can’t sleep.

      Permission granted to step into your own brilliance.

      You are one of a kind.

      A limited edition.

      And you have a unique purpose to fulfill.

      It’s time to lean in and turn up the world of possibilities
      within you to bring your vision to life.

      Listen Friend,

      It’s time to take back ownership of ALL the sides of Who You Are Meant To Be.

      I want to give you actual tools you can use to have a real breakthrough and finally feel amazing again!

      What exactly does that mean for you?

      It means remembering that dream you have and making it a priority. (The one that makes you feel ready to take on the world by storm).

      It means feeling enthused instead of just going through the motions. Like you just can’t contain the excitement of refinding yourself.

      It means taking the moment to hear to the voice that’s been calling you… and turning up the volume so it’s the only voice you’re listening to. #naysayerslayer 

      The secret is to show up for this process so you can key in on what you’re already amazing at… and pull it forward so the people who need you in their world can see.

      A real, actionable, and proven framework that brings immediate shifts… 

      All while supporting you through the uncomfortable bits so you can get to the sweet satisfaction on the other side of your breakthrough.

      Your dreams deserve to take the front seat.

      Operation Breakthrough was created so YOU can reprioritize your personal growth for professional gains – without going into hustle mode.

        Day 1: Clarity On What You Really Desire

        That spark that’s been hiding in the shadows can only hide there so long. Together, we’ll tear down whatever has been blocking your way to finding it again and fire it up to light a clear and custom way straight to your dreams and aspirations.

        Day 2: Human Design For Faster Results

        Everyone has intuition. It’s just a matter of accessing it in the most powerful way. Once you do, you’ll be unstoppable in your quest to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Just by considering the bigger possibilities available to you can have the power to impact everyone around you. Let’s look at your energetic blueprint to see what that looks like for you…for your family… for your community.

        Day 3: Bio-Hacks To Navigate Fear & Resistance

        We’re all carrying around a tiny little backpack full of belief systems. Each one serves us in some way, but at each new level what used to work for us starts to hold us back, and do more harm than good… and our body gives us very specific clues that once you decode them, you’ll become fierce in the face of fear. Time to unpack those and stop the self-sabotage, so you can live the way you’ve always wanted.

        Day 4: The Energetic Intelligence Blueprint™

        Because you’re one of a kind, and you’re ready to make sense of all the challenges you’ve overcome and direct your passions on purpose. You’ve found your spark, you’re carrying it with you… and you can set the world on fire with its brilliance. It’s what you’ve always been made of. It’s time to take the inner shifts to the streets and see actual changes in your career, relationships, and life.

        Day 5: Money Maps & Mindset To Sustain Your Success

        Doing all the inside work because it’s fulfilling is one thing, but it can lead into so much more. Yes, I really mean money straight into your pockets. A happier, better you means you can allow that spark to uncover the paths to wealth that have been hiding from you all this time. Get my eyes on your situation to see what hidden paths to cash might be right in front of you!

        Operation: BREAKTHROUGH was designed to help people like you activate the power to free themselves from the fog they’ve been living in. I hope to see you on the inside:

        Let me be clear though, while I might have been able to simplify a repeatable process and even customize it to each person’s unique journey, you’ll never hear me say that it’s easy.

        If it was, the streets would be packed full of people yelling out their brilliant ideas through heaps of laughter on their way to deposit the proof in the bank.

        And I’ve seen the streets. They might be more socially-distanced these days, but they’re not full of that kind of unyielding excitement at all.

        And that’s why I want to GIVE this experience to you. My way of being the change I want to see in the world.

        This work, it’s part of my brilliance, and I’m committed to sharing it with the people like you who value personal growth, and are committed to LIVING your legacy in a way that both you and generations to come will be proud of.

        Bethany Perry 2020 Photo Credit Carrie Roseman Photography

        If you feel called to access more of the greatness within you, then you deserve to be in a place where it’s safe for you to be brave enough to explore what that looks like for you. 

        Even if you’re not joined by everyone else on the streets, you know your brilliance can shift the world. 

        Got 5 days and a heart that’s ready for that?

        Then we’ll see you on the inside!  

        xx // Bethany & Team