Akashic Records for Soul Centering with Guest Leigh Aschoff (Transpersonal Energy Healing Professional)

Leigh Aschoff helps highly sensitive truth seekers clarify and connect with the themes of their spiritual/emotional work. All sessions and readings are person-centered. Leigh offers Akashic Record Readings, Akashic Intuitive Guidance (a blend of an Akashic Reading and Intuitive Healing) and Transpersonal Energy Healing.

Her extensive background in art, music, improvisation, yoga, neuroscience and education plays a significant role in her style as a healing practitioner. Leigh’s coaching center is a resource for person-centered healing based in heart consciousness, heart-connection and embodiment. Leigh believes that having a healing practitioner is an essential part of ongoing spiritual work and she is honored to be with you in dialogue and in presence during the readings and sessions.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/personcenteredhealing

Medium Handle:  https://medium.com/@leigh.aschoff

LinkedIn Handle:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferleighaschoff/


1:11 – Leigh’s story

4:33 – The power of improvisation

5:54 – Connecting with your heart for success

8:07 – How to practice daily grounding

12:47 – What is an Akashic Record Reading and what to expect

18:58 – Exploring spirituality

23:13 – What is Transpersonal Energy Healing?

26:15 – Using spiritual awareness in business

29:32 – Fun Facts Q&A behind the scenes with Leigh


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