My Energetic Intelligence Journey – Near Death, New Life, Next Level

***Trigger Warning*** The story shared in this episode may be triggering for someone who is pregnant or has anxiety about giving birth. Please honor yourself in choosing if listening in on an intense childbirth experience is right for you today. (Spoiler Alert – it does have a happy ending.)

0:00 – Welcome to this new podcast journey

1:04 – Leaving home

2:55 – Why this story matters for your life and business

7:08 – A dark and stormy trip to the hospital

14:14 – When things went sideways

18:06 – The scream that changed the story

21:56 – Anchoring into future memories

24:38 – Little Houdini

28:07 – The power of expressing desires

30:02 – Truth vs trauma in big decisions

35:04 – A medical and spiritual conversation

38:37 – Decades leading to a single moment


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