Socially Conscious Travel & Media with Guest Tonya Fitzpatrick (UN Delegate, Ted X Speaker, Lawyer, Founder of WorldFootprints)

Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq. is the co-Founder of World Footprints, a socially conscious travel media platform that was founded on the unity principle of “Ubuntu” – I am because we are. Tonya is co-host of the award-winning World Footprints podcast and has interviewed distinguished guests like the late Dr. Maya Angelou. Through World Footprints, Tonya amplifies stories about the transformative power of travel and the beauty of our common humanity.

Tonya is a 3x TEDx and international speaker, lawyer, author and member of The Explorers Club.  She was appointed as a Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and is a former White House political appointee.  

Tonya graduated from the London School of Economics, Wayne State University Law School and she attended East China University of Politics and Law.  She has been featured in AAA World, MSNBC, U.S. News and World Reports, Black Enterprise, NBC and CBS affiliate stations in Washington, DC and in several books.




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0:35 – Combining social justing with meaningful travel

4:43 – Niche travel resources and why Tonya created them

7:27 – Ground Truthing

8:59 – Olympic Games and mixed media-messages

15:11 – Cultural Intelligence

17:05 – Language to connect rather than divide

20:50 – You never go to war with somebody you break bread with

25:12 – Travel to stretch personal growth

27:43 – Working with your spouse

31:33 – Fun Q&A with Tonya


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