Energetic Intelligence™ for Entrepreneurs (Trailer)

The new show ‘Energetic Intelligence™ for Entrepreneurs’ hosted by Beth Perry is THE podcast to help you create soul-inspired success without sacrificing revenue, relationships, or the REAL you as you grow your business.

Perry is an award winning coach, best selling author, passionate entrepreneur and founder of The Energetic Intelligence Blueprint™.

She is on a mission to empower business owners to scale their impact and income in an energetically intelligent way so they can create a life and legacy they’re proud of.

The show will be integrating science with woo and cover topics like spirituality, mindset, biz strategies, relationship dynamics, bio-hacks, human design, emotions, and more all from the perspective of

“It’s great to have someone show you what worked for them, but it’s better to have someone show you what will work for you!”

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