Bethany Perry Coach

"Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them."

~Josie Bissett

Woman Evolving (LIVE)

THE PROGRAM to skyrocket your Emotional Intelligence & Relationship Mastery – One of my most popular programs will be a LIVE experience this September! 

Shift how you operate in your feminine power forever. Embrace your magnetism, communicate like a queen, expand your capacity to receive and serve.

  • 10 Live trainings (replays available immediately)
  • Exclusive FB Community

Heal yourself. Change the world.

Pre-Sale Price $888 / Full Price $1,111

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Visionary Vibes Workshop

You don’t just have goals, you have a vision. 

You don’t need more information, you need aligned action to fully live your legacy.

This full day interactive workshop will change how you think, feel, and make moves so you have the clarity, conviction, and confidence to do exactly that! 

  • 5-hour virtual workshop
  • Exclusive FB Community
  • Follow up Q&A session for accountability and to ensure full integration. 

It’s time to BE the change.


Full Price $222

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VIP Visionary Vibes Workshop

Do you prefer first class access and extra attention when you’re doing big things?

This VIP Upgrade guarantees you personalized coaching spots during the Visionary Vibes Workshop + a 30-minute private coaching session (limited to 5).

Full Price $555

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Designed To Thrive

Human Design For Entrepreneurs.

Because your energetic blueprint can change the game on how you do everything, including (and especially) in business.

Separate modules for each TYPE in human design, as well as profiles and transformation keys.

Join now to receive bonus access to future live trainings (August through October) covering using human design in relationships, as a parent, and with your team!


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Boundaries By Design

You deserve to live a life that satisfies at a soul level, to be fully self-expressed, to be wildly obsessed with how you show up in your power…
WITHOUT falling back on common patterns of using aggressive statements or creating emotionally abusive walls. Boundaries aren’t just about what we say and do, they are about what we allow. 
By using your Energetic Intelligence™ to define what matters most to you and express it in alignment with your human design, you can look forward to the following from this program:
  • Empower yourself to stand up for what you believe in,
  • Communicate with kindness (without being a pushover),
  • Run your business and lead your team based on YOUR values
  • Gracefully and powerfully choose what you allow (and don’t allow!) to continue in your life.


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Woman Evolving Bundle

Can’t decide? Want it all? Then THIS is your best option! This limited time bundle includes everything above –
  • Woman Evolving LIVE program
  • Visionary Vibes Workshop + VIP Upgrade
  • Designed To Thrive Program
  • Boundaries By Design Program

Full Value $3,300 / Regular Price $2,888

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BTYB Mentorship Special -
$2500 off!

There are (2) spaces for 1:1 with Bethany opening soon.

Please message Bethany directly or email
to inquire about either of these options.