You're a savvy, successful woman.

You know how to make shit happen in business and in life.

But when it comes to relationships, there's a part of you waiting for the other shoe to drop.

So many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe they have to choose between success OR love; forming meaningful and deep connections OR fully following their ambitions.

I get it. As entrepreneurs, we connect differently. We see the world differently.

To us, personal development is FUN, not a chore.

We don't clock in and clock out like most people. Constantly improving our skills in business doesn't feel like work, and our typical conversation over coffee or wine is all about goals, and legacy, and impact, and sales, and helping people, and making a difference, and possibilities.

We are solution focused and dream big. REALLY big.

We take risks that most people won't, and we don't apologize for any of it!

Until... your partnerships start to feel disconnected and emotionally lacking, physical intimacy slowly fades away, and little disagreements lead to massive heartbreak.

Most of your friends just don't “get" why you can’t settle for what seems good enough for them, and it can feel like your choices are to be lonely, or to stop being "too much" for everyone else.

Maybe you've even been accused of being intimidating. Or delusional. Or selfish. Or bat-shit crazy.

"Creating relationships at a soul level is the key to living out your soul’s purpose."


You’ve been trying. I know you have! As a strong, powerful woman, you’re accustomed to getting the things you’re after. You always make it happen.

But when it comes to really understanding a partner, your prospects, your friends? Trying harder just leaves you exhausted.

The more you "work" at connecting with your lover, your people, even yourself…it just seems to equal overwhelm, requires effort than you can't seem to muster, or leads to disappointment. And it’s not because you don’t care! It’s simply because you don’t know what you don’t know.

You may have given up on making an effort anymore. You might even notice you’ve switched your focus to suffering through, missing out, or making do. 

Um excuse my french...

 ...but fuck that.

Good isn’t good enough.

Not for you. Not for the people you love. Not for your bank account. Not for your dreams.

I'm here to tell you, your relationships don’t have to suffer just because you have your own big, beautiful entrepreneur dreams! Because connection, passion, and soul partnerships happen from the inside out.

You CAN have it all, and you don’t have to wait!

Agnieszka W.

"This program is stretching me to the moon... and it is SO WORTH IT! Bethany, thank you for creating such a safe space to face my fears, insecurities, and open up to a whole new direction in life!"

Agnieszka W.

Single?  Married?  Feel like relationships are complicated?

Well, I’m glad you’re here because I’m about to uncomplicated it for you.

My "Soulmate Spectrum: Entrepreneurs Edition" is for successful women who want to create next level connections and relationships that are deeply satisfying.

Committed but unfulfilled?

Knowing you want more and settling for less slowly kills whatever connection you do have. Resentment, dissatisfaction, and self-betrayal will creep in until they cost you dearly. 

"Okay" is not good enough for you, and you know it. And on some level, so do they.

So stop selling both of you short.

YOU can create a new dynamic in your partnership during your time in the Soulmate Spectrum - with or without help from your lover, your biz team or your friends.

And when we're done, they'll be thanking you.

Successful everywhere but sick of being single?

What gets you success in other areas of your life is not the same thing that creates loving connections. 

Checklists and communication tactics that work for everything else just won't work in matters of the heart. But don't worry...all your grit and drive and perseverance will work in your favor once you've completed this program.

In fact, it's not about changing who you are at all.

It is about simple redirects, so your ambition and determination work FOR you instead of against you in the relationship department.

If you’re ready to call in love and meaningful connections during 2018, the Soulmate Spectrum is the place to start!


"The Soulmate Spectrum group helped me realize that I'm not the only one going through these things. But I AM the only one who has the power to make my life better...and now I know how to! Bethany's smile and coaching inspires me to be and do better."

Lauren R.

"This course has been incredible for boosting my confidence in how I show up in the world! I love interacting with the other members, and somehow it always feels as if Bethany is speaking directly to me even when she's coaching the entire group. Thank you!"

Sarah D.


This program includes the most effective tools and exercises to improve relationship and communication skills quickly, without manipulation or sleazy “faking it” tactics. The best of what I’ve learned over the last decade, delivered in small daily doses so it's easy to digest and implement right away.

With 10 minute daily lessons, you will transform how you connect with people, cultivate confidence in how you give and receive love, conversation, money and energy.

If you're a world-changer on a mission, let's make sure you only do things alone when you want to.

And it doesn't have to cost you the ten years or the tens of thousand of dollars I spent to figure out.

  • PHASE 1 - We focus on YOU. Creating clarity about your desires for your life and business. We go deep to uncover what motivates you and understand how, why and when you feel loved.
  • PHASE 2 - We look towards OTHER people in your life. Learning how to recognize what makes a specific individual feel loved and connected. By learning how to best respond to their signals and needs in a way that is authentic for you, misunderstandings and miscommunications become minimal.
  • PHASE 3 - This is where we dig deeper into PARTNERSHIPS. Understanding how you came together with that person and learning why some partnerships work well while others feel forced and difficult. We look at the good, better and best dynamics with all types of partnerships - romantic partners, business partners, clients, friends and family.
  • PHASE 4 - This is where we shift our focus to TROUBLESHOOTING skills and strategies, so that we understand why things ‘go sideways’. Topics such as sex, money, word choices, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and common arguments are covered. You will learn why these scenarios show up, as well as how to handle them so that you can heal and get the best possible relationship results.


Let's skip tedious studies and slimy tactics, and instead apply real life exercises that will improve how you interact with others forever.

Think small doses of master coaching and deep dive questions to challenge your relationship rules.

Expect massive shifts in minutes, with ripple effects that will serve you for a lifetime.

  • This foundational program is delivered via access to a  private membership site with immediate access to 30 days of video trainings and worksheets. (You will have lifetime access to the trainings!)
  • Each participant will recieve 1:1 time with Bethany (2 Private calls if you pay-in-full, 1 Private call if you choose the payment plan)
  • Live group coaching support with additional workshops, livestreams, and written Q&A will be provided in a private Facebook space January 16 - March 9 so that you can be fully supported as you take the training at your own pace.
  • Additionally, I will be hosting (3) group coaching calls on zoom during the program!
  • Call #1: Wednesday January 17th @ 2pm (EST) Call #2: Wednesday February 7th @ 2pm (EST) Call #3: Wednesday February 28th @ 2pm (EST)
  • NOTE: Pay in full bonus includes $500 saving PLUS 2x 1:1 call with me. Payment plan includes 1x 1:1 call with me. All 1:1 calls to be completed during the 8 weeks.


A deep level of clarity about yourself. Tools to help you quickly and accurately understand others. Confidence to create the relationships you've been dreaming of!

  • Clarity on what you really want from your relationships (lovers, friends, clients)
  • How to meet someone's needs at a soulmate level without people-pleasing yourself to death or sacrificing your personal ambitions
  • How to share your opinions and what you want without acting needy
  • Understanding the difference between asking a someone for support vs permission (major game changer if your partner or someone close to you doesn’t understand your goals!)
  • Share desires without fear of rejection (from daily niceties to sexual fantasies)
  • How to fix the root cause of financial disagreements
  • Understand sexual compatibility and how two people can both be fully satisfied in a monogamous relationship
  • Know how to support each other in social situations and at family functions
  • The recipe for drama-free dates (with your man, your friend, your siblings, even you mother in law!)
  • Cheat proof your relationship… people won’t be able to get enough of you!
  • Release your relationship sabatoge patterns, for good!


I loved getting clear about what I want…how to ask for it…I’ll be ready when they show up!  Practicing the tools and techniques you gave me and knowing I need to communicate in a way that the other person can hear me in oder to create a relationship that’s one of magic and ease.

If you’re thinking about hiring Bethany, Just do it! You will definitely get insights and tools to practice right off the bat.. Bethany is so supportive, insightful & listens deeply to what is said and what is not said. She doesn’t waste any time getting straight to the point and providing valuable insights and practical tools you can apply immediately.

Ann Bennett, Los Angelas CA
Ann Bennett, Los Angelas CA "FEELING READY FOR LOVE"

I was expecting some general help, but wow… Bethany will rock your world! She is an incredibly powerful coach with a deep toolkit, passion, and precision to hear what is most needed. She will lead you confidently through your blocks and towards your goals with clear, actionable steps. I was totally blown away by her ability to show me how what I wanted was not only simple, but easy and much closer than I could have imagined.

I changed my story around commitment in relationships, with myself, and in business. We also created specific action steps, kicked some old mindset crap in the booty, identified creative ideas to pursue, I learned some cool kinesthetic activity/state work, got book recommendations, and really appreciated her reflective listening skills.

Brenna Joelle, Seattle WA
Brenna Joelle, Seattle WA "WOW. Change your relationships and rock your world!"

"I love everything about love....and people.

It's messy and beautiful and raw. It's like taking a black-and-white life to vibrant color.

It is the difference that adds quantum leap levels of joy and pleasure to regular achievements and even daily tasks. And because it all starts inside of us, it's not about getting something from someone else, it's about creating the space for what we desire to blossom.

Having a front row seat to people's love stories is better than any movie ever could be, and seeing them fall in love with life after what has many times been years of being convinced they don't deserve it is like watching a bird fly for the first time.

I suspect (and expect) that they will soar onto greatness in all areas their ambitions after our work together."

~Bethany Perry

"I love how many different viewpoints and situations there are from each participant, it's so inspiring! One of my biggest ah ha moments was realizing relationships are no longer about "do they like me"...but it's "do I like them."  What a game changer! I now feel confident in knowing who I am, what I want, and believing that I deserve it!"

Concha S.

Join The Soulmate Spectrum - Entrepreneurs Edition!


Why did I create the Soulmate Spectrum Program?

Because I'm a coach who has been there, wanting more from life, and feeling like I had to make it all happen on my own.

But what worked to get me results everywhere else in my life was backfiring on my efforts with people… personally AND professionally, and most painfully in the romance department…

After a decade of struggling with dead end and increasingly toxic experiences, I finally got to a breakthrough that trying to be who I thought someone else wanted was never going to work for me... or for them. I was exhausted from attracting love, clients, and friendships that required SO MUCH WORK and still left me feeling unfulfilled.

I decided I was no longer willing to continue morphing into a shell of who I really was, essentially becoming a doormat.  But the thought of feeling lonely and constantly misunderstood left a hole in my heart.

Completing my mission to create a happier life for myself (including finding my Mr. Right, becoming a successful six-figure coach, and traveling the world while doing it) has expanded my passion of helping ambitious women just like you to not just figure out how to create a partnerships on purpose, but to actually enjoy the process!

 I hope you'll join us. XX, B