You are one smart cookie!

There’s no denying you are capable of propelling yourself into the stratosphere.

But are you doing this at a cost?

I have witnessed incredibly successful women knock it out the park when it comes to their work and business, and yet their love life is in tatters.

I’ve also seen women neglecting their self care and health, all so they can claim that next level of income and achieve that next goal.

But I know that it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can have it all.

I work with high achieving women who know they can do anything they want, and yet the imbalance in their life and work leaves them feeling drained, empty and wondering whether it’s all worth it.

I’m Bethany and I’m a success coach.  Not just for your business but for all areas of your life.   I believe relationships are the cornerstone to the best life you can lead.   And not just the relationship with your romantic partner, but your relationships with your family, friends and clients.

Connectivity is what breeds creativity, fulfilment and ultimately a satisfying life with purpose.   I also know that it’s about balancing your needs and feelings in regards to your health, wealth and self care to create the optimal environment to excel.

What I’m talking about is balance.

Not the famed work/ life balance, but the balance of FEELING abundant in all areas. Creating the skill set to know that balance is impossible, but trusting yourself to wobble as close to the middle as possible in any situation, and always in alignment with your desired results.

It’s about adjusting the different levers in your life to achieve maximum output potential.   Knowing where to focus your time and energy at any given moment is the key for outrageous success.

And I’m here to help you do just that.

There is no need to sacrifice your health just to get beyond six figures.

There’s no need to give up time with your loved ones because they just don’t ‘get’ your drive and passion for your work or business.

It really is possible to have your love life firing on all cylinders, be at optimal health, raking in the moolah and feel completely fulfilled with your work AND still have time for self care and personal growth.

It really IS all possible.

If you’re ready to do this, then say yes to this next step.


The Soulmate Spectrum - Entrepreneurs Edition

For entrepreneurs who desire high performance relationships.

Doors are now open for our January 8th 2018 start.